Metal access control unit manual
2019-01-11 15:39

FC-391 Metal Access Control Product Description:

The Metal access control is made of high-quality metal, and the touch panel is used instead of the button to improve the aesthetic appearance of the product. And support three types of open door password combination. The metal access control has a tamper alarm function to improve its safety performance.

Metal access control

main feature:

1. It has the function of illegal door opening alarm. The metal access control detects abnormal opening by the door magnetic switch information, and the door will trigger an alarm and sound an alarm.

2. The metal access control supports the storage of 10000 groups of door opening data information, and all stored information is guaranteed to be lost in the power-off state, and supports the output of the doorbell, which can be used with the video doorbell.

Technical specifications:

·Working voltage: DC9-13.8V;

·Working current: <150mA;

·Card reading speed: <0.2 seconds;

·Waterproof identification: IP7 level (black resin glue is filled into the equipment);

·Wireless remote control: support;

·Housing material: zinc alloy frame, cover PMMA

·Appearance size: length 133mm width 45mm height 19mm

Metal Access Control Product Size

Install FC-391 metal access control:

1. Before starting, choose the location where the FC-391 metal access door is installed. This position should be on the same side of the shoulder as the door handle.

2. According to the hole sticker attached with the metal access control, punch the hole according to the hole position of the sticker, and then install the metal door of the metal door with a standard screw.

3. Pass the wires in the room through the entrance hole and connect with the corresponding access line. See the wiring instructions for the lower position.

4. After the wiring is completed, insert the metal access control body into the rear shell position, and screw the screw under the access control machine to complete the installation. Test it while waiting for the layout of other access control devices to complete.

Wiring instructions:

Metal access control wiring instructions

The wiring is as shown above:

+12V is the positive pole of the working power supply.

GND is the negative pole of the working power supply, it is also the common end of the signal;

NC is the relay normally closed point, current load capacity DC3A/30V;

COM is the common point of the relay;

NO is the normally open point of the relay;

PUSH is the door button switch, low level unlocking;

DOOR is the door status switch, which is connected to the magnetic switch of the door, and the low level means the door is closed;

ALM is the alarm output port, low level when there is alarm, current load is 100mA;

FIRE is an access alarm signal;

BELL is the doorbell switch.

Operation introduction:

1. How to log in to the metal access control status: Enter “*” + password + “#”. After logging in, the green light will be on constantly.

2. The operation method of exiting the management state: input “**” to exit the management state, and the green light becomes blinking.

3, FC-391 metal access control fast card operation method: enter "20#" + card reading, continuously enter multiple blank cards, add cards, if the card stops for 10 seconds, the program will automatically exit the management state.

4. Prevent the detection of the door opening password setting: input "68#" + "1 bit error count + 2 bit lock duration" + "#".

The above is the FCARD brand 391 metal access control unit manual, hoping to help users use this product.

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