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2018-12-27 14:17

With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life and the continuous advancement of technology, people not only improve their safety awareness, but also raise the requirements for intelligent access control system. From the current point of view, the Access control system is a reliable system that integrates automatic identification, biometrics and other technologies. As an engineering contractor, when purchasing access control equipment, the price of the Access control system must be considered.

access control system quote

The password identifies the quotation of the Access control system

Incoming access rights are identified by verifying that the entered password is correct. These products are divided into two categories, one is a common type, and the price is $15. The advantages of the ordinary access control machine are: easy operation, no need to carry cards, and low cost; the disadvantage is that it can only accommodate three sets of passwords at the same time, which is easy to leak, and has poor security; no entry and exit records; only one-way control.

blometric access control system

Bidding for biometric Access control system

The ingress and egress are identified by means of the biometric characteristics of the examiner, such as a fingerprint type, a palm shape, an iris type, a face recognition type, and a finger vein recognition type. Their offer is from $45-$250.

Advantages: Excellent security from a recognition perspective; no need to carry a card;

Disadvantages: high cost; low recognition rate, high environmental requirements, high user requirements (such as fingerprints can not be scratched, eyes can not be red and swollen, face can not be hurt, or the amount of beard), inconvenient to use (such as For the iris type and the face recognition type, the mounting height position is fixed, but the user's height is different.

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