Secondary Development

· We are meeting the problem of 0x7F when we connected with your access control controller2018-01-02

· Access control Does the development package have a C language invoking sample and a dynamic library?2018-01-02

· Hello, could you please tell me whether the development kit of your entrance guard equipment supports the.net platform?2018-01-02

· Is there any android SDK development kit available about your access control products?2018-01-02

· Can your development kit supports Java invoke?2018-01-02

· What’s the meaning of the network symbol in the communication protocol?2018-01-02

· What kind of communication protocol do I need to deal with when I want to open a remote door and swipe card?2018-01-02

· Are there any invoking examples of development package for C language?2018-01-02

· What is the instruction of the card number?2018-01-02

· There are no communication instructions and examples in the access control system. The protocol documents are not very clear.2018-01-02

· The level of support for secondary development2018-01-02

· Cards upload format in communication protocol2018-01-02

· The return value of access control board communication protocol2018-01-02

· The authentication setting parameter is invalid when the legal card is authorized. After setting, it does not have the effect of restricting the entry and exit.2018-01-02

· Can you make adjustments after using the silent reading card in the test read card?2018-01-02

· After FC-8940A access control authorized cards, we swiped cards , but it prompted invalid card.2018-01-02

· MC-5812T single door access controller2018-01-02

· Hello, We Are Docking Your Access Controller, But We Meet The 0 x7F Problems2017-03-09

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