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Thought Twenty years of efforts and fifteen years of research and development experience create today's FCARD. professional and excellent technical level, mature and stable product quality achieve today's FCARD. Enthusiasm to forge ahead of the market development team, strong after-care service system steady today's FCARD.

Today,Electronic Commerce impact on every business, but except one-card industries and gradually accept by the customers In order to go with the development of the world,FCARD has expanded our business requirements, to achieve efficient after-sales service quality. Now we want to establish business relations with agents, distributors, stores all over the world.

Join us,You will get:

Regional agents: first-level agent will gain price support; advertising support; regional manager tour business guidance support; sales rebate support; efficient professional training support, including product knowledge, sales skills, personnel management, financial management and so on. customer training and experience exchange activities will be held from time to time.

Regional dealers: second-level agent will gain price support; advertising support; sales rebate support; promotional planing guidance; marketing program support; sharing the internal market consulting and create a healthy healthy business environment.

Store franchisees: unified decoration design and publicity Material support: advertising support; sales rebate support; promotional planning guidance.

FCARD business philosophy and corporate culture management: if you have a weak power system distribution or retail experience and a firm willpower and loyalty; if you have a certain financial strength and you can withstand business risk; if you have strong market development capacity and a good social relations resources in the local.

We will welcome you indefinitely!

FCARD firmly believes that as long as we take the market as the guidance,take the customers as center,take the quality to survive and take the development growing stronger. FCARD products will become well-known. We sincerely hope that the agents, distributors, stores all over the world can join us to work together for the better future.

FCARD Syetems Structure Diagram

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