Common four access control systems
2018-12-12 11:36

The access control system is a system that controls the entrance and exit passages. It is developed on the basis of traditional door locks. In recent years, with the development of proximity card technology and the development of biometric technology, fingerprint access control systems, iris access control systems, facial recognition access control systems, and the like have emerged. In general, it can be divided into four types of access control systems. Today, Xiaobian takes everyone to understand them.

Common four access control systems

1. Not connected to the access control system:

It is an access control device management door, can not be controlled and managed with computer software, can not see the access record, directly through the device to control. The feature is that the price is cheap, the installation and maintenance is simple, the record cannot be viewed, and it is not suitable for places with more than 50 people.

2. RS485 network access control system:

It can be used as an access control device for communicating with a computer and can be managed directly using software, including card and event management. Therefore, it is easy to manage, centralized, and can view records, analyze and process records, and so on. The feature is that the installation and maintenance are more difficult, but the training is simple, the safety is high, the performance is stable, etc. It is suitable for the project with many people and multiple doors.

Not connected to the access control system

3.TCP/IP access control system:

It is also known as an Internet access control device that can be used to network computers and access control Board via a network cable. In addition to all the advantages of RS485 access control equipment, it also has a fast running speed, simpler installation, and can manage multiple doors across the network. However, the price of the equipment is high, and it is suitable for installation in large engineering projects, places where speed and cross-regional management are required.

4. Fingerprint access control system:

It is an access control device that biometric technology replaces the card for management. It has the same characteristics as RS485, but has better security. The disadvantage is that the number of registered people is small, and the speed is affected by the fingerprint verification speed of the person.

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