Analysis on Classification of Building Intelligent Access Control Board
2018-11-21 16:22

The intelligent Access Control Board has become a must-have requirement for many security occasions. It has a wide variety of functions and functions. The selection of products is particularly important for engineers, and the stability of the Access Control System. And practicality is an important factor and standard for the Access Control Board. Today, Xiaobian takes everyone to understand the classification of Access Control Board.

Access Control Board, according to the communication method can be divided into RS485 networked Access Control Board, TCP/IP network type Access Control Board, and non-networked Access Control Board.

RS485 Access Control Board

RS485 Networked Access Control Board

It is an access control type that can communicate with a computer and is managed directly using software, including card and event control. Therefore, it is convenient to manage, centralized, and can view records and analyze and process records for other purposes. The characteristics are high price, difficult installation and maintenance, but the training is simple, and can carry out value-added services such as attendance. Suitable for many people, large mobility, and many projects.

TCP Access Control Board

TCP/IP Network Access Control Board

It is also called Ethernet network access control, and is also an Access Control System that can be networked, but the computer and controller are networked through a network cable. In addition to all the advantages of RS485 access control networking, it also has the characteristics of faster speed, simpler installation, larger number of networking, and networking across regions. However, there is a high price of equipment, which requires people with computer basic network knowledge to operate.

Not connected to the Access Control Board

It belongs to the stand-alone type of access control, that is, a control panel manages a door, can not be controlled by computer software, can not see the record, and is directly managed by the controller. It is characterized by low price, simple installation and maintenance, but it is impossible to view the records of entering and leaving the door. It is not suitable for access control projects with more than 50 people.

In short, in the diversified Access Control Board today, engineering companies have become more diverse, and have more features and refinement functions, making the Access Control Board more practical.

From FCARD News: http://www.pc15.net/view_2797.html

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