What is the access control?
2018-12-14 16:17

In our daily life, access control can be seen everywhere. It is mainly installed in the entrance and exit of the parking lot, the entrance of the community, the entrance of the school and the door of each factory, etc., so as to manage the entry and exit of the population to ensure the safety inside these places. So do you know what the access control is? Let me introduce you below.

What is the access control

1. What does the access control mean?

Access control, also known as the access management control system, is a digital management system that manages the entry and exit of different personnel. At present, common access control systems include: password access control system, inductive IC card access control system, fingerprint access control system, and biometric access control system. Today, the most common in the world is the inductive IC card access control system, because of its high security, convenience and cost-effective.

Entrance Control

2. Application of access control

At present, the application range of access control systems is very wide. It is not only limited to a single entrance and exit control, but also can be applied to the access control, attendance management, security alarm, parking control, elevator control and building automation of intelligent buildings or smart communities.

From FCARD Security Information: http://www.pc15.net/index_en.html

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