Talking about the Use Value of QR Code Access Control System
2019-03-05 15:49

What is the QR code access control? With the steady advancement of the smart city, the two-dimensional code access control has become a beautiful landscape of security. It generates two-dimensional code data through the cloud, and combines the stored user data to determine whether the currently unlocked two-dimensional code has legality, and correspondingly issues a command to issue the access control state. It is a trend in the development of the Internet and a security result under the pace of innovation. It is also being used and recognized by more and more people.

QR Code access control

At present, the QR code access control system is based on the QR code access control read head, and only needs to cooperate with the network access controller to use the related application of the WeChat applet. People only need to open the WeChat applet through the mobile phone that can link to the Internet, and then connect with the QR code access control system to verify the owner information on the computer cloud platform. Compared with the traditional access control system, it is more convenient to use, and people can complete the door opening operation without carrying an authentication certificate such as an IC card.

The use value of the two-dimensional code access control system is also that it can realize offline work, support whitelist offline verification, store 40,000 whitelist information when offline, store 200,000 access control information, and automatically upload information to the network. The server ensures that the data is accurate and efficient. Access control data can be updated in real time while connected.

QR code access control operation

The FCARD brand QR Code Card Reader is designed to take care of the upgrade of the traditional access control system and is innovatively compatible with the 86 bottom box on the market. It can be embedded in a standard 86 socket back box. Achieve user quick installation and reduce the cost of access control system upgrade for users.

In short, the use value of the QR code access control system is not only to provide users with convenient services, but also to provide users with a strong security system.

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