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  • QR Code Card Reader
FC-865MS QR Code Card Reader
FC-865MS QR Code Card Reader adopts anti-scratch tempered glass design. The case is compatible with the 86 bottom boxes, which can be directly embedded into the standard 86 socket base box access card reader.

Product Introduction

QR Code Card Reader

FC-865MS QR Code Card Reader

QR Code Card Reader adopts advanced RFID receiving circuit design and embedded micro-controller image recognition, supporting QR code, IC card, ID card, CPU card, bank card, NFC card, with high receiving sensitivity, low working current, single DC power supply, low price, high performance.

This series of QR code card reader can recognize the QR code on the paper and the phone's screen. It can be widely applied in access control system, turnstile system, consumption system, mobile boarding areas such as QR code, suitable for all kinds of application of high performance and multi functions tool of QR code and data acquisition card. It uses the Datalogic Scanning the latest digital imaging technology, can be quickly read 1D and 2D identification number.

Product Parameters

1. Types of scanning and decoding support:

One-dimensional codes: UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-13, ISBN13, EAN-8, 39 code, 128 code, crossover 25 code, etc

2. Support IC card, ,identification card, ID card, CPU card, bank card, mobile phone NFC and other cards

3. Interface output: Wiegand 26/34/66 output, 485 output

4. Power input: DC9~14V power supply

5. QR code trigger mode: automatic induction

Working temperature: - 10 ℃ to 70 ℃

Working humidity: 5%-95%

Product performance: 1GHz main frequency CPU

Operating current: <500MA

Prompt mode: LED flashing green light, buzzer prompt

Scanning Angle: the Angle + 55 °, 360 ° rotation

QR code reading distance: 1-20cm

Resolution: 640*480

Appearance size: 90.17×90.17×12.4mm

The characteristics of the QR code reader

Product Advantages:

1. Strong recognition ability, can read mobile phone screen, paper and other types of two-dimensional code and one-dimensional code.

2. high-speed reading, for a variety of mobile phone LCD screen and paper, as long as within the scope of the recognition window, can achieve high-speed reading.

3. Powerful identification method, support QR code, IC card, ID card, CPU card, bank card, NFC card, etc.

4. Strong data interaction ability, Wiegand 26/34/66,485 and other data output.

5. It supports DC9-14V power supply and is easy to use and install.

6. The shell of FC-865MS is compatible with the 86 bottom box, and can be directly embedded into the access control card reader of the standard 86 socket bottom box. It adopts the anti-scratch toughened glass to design.

Product Size:

QR Code Card Reader Product Size

QR code reader scanning code schematic:

QR code reader scanning code schematic

Wiring Diagram:

QR Code Reader Wiring Diagram

Wiring Connection Diagram

Wiring Connection Diagram

Parts List:

QR Code Reader Parts List

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