The role of Access Controller in the access control system
2018-12-25 15:06

If you want to know the role of Access Controller in the access control system, then we first understand what is the access control system, it is composed of access control controller, card reader, electronic lock, card, exit switch, door magnet, access control power supply and other equipment . The Access Controller is located on a device that belongs to the reader. But the Access Controller is run offline (stand-alone), which is equivalent to a small access control device.

access controller

What is Access Controller

Access Controller is an access control product that combines a card reader and an access controller. It is independent and has a networked type. In some high-end Access Controllers, including the keyboard and the display, you only need to connect the power supply to use it as an access control system.

Access Controller features

1. You can take the system settings offline without connecting to a computer.

2. At the same time support three ways to open the door: swipe the card to open the door, password to open the door, swipe the card + password to open the door;

3. Good safety performance, using anti-mite engineering plastic shell, sturdy and anti-smashing alarm function;

4. The time of card reading is less than 0.1 second, and the reading distance is 3-20cm;

5. There is data power-off protection function, power-off data is not easy to lose.

Composition of the access control system

The role of Access Controller in the access control system

Access Controller is the core control device of the access control system. It has reliable data storage, no loss of power-down data, and integrated management and automatic control. The automatic management of the access control, the data can also be used for attendance, to achieve the dual function of access control attendance, and at the same time can be seamlessly connected with the card system.

Access Controller:http://www.pc15.net/view_4344.html

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