Which wooden doors are suitable for installing an access control system?
2018-10-25 15:04

The Access Control System is extremely important in our life, and since the installation of the access control system needs to be configured by the user's door, due to various materials and production processes, the types of doors are various, the most common in our lives. Glass doors, wrought iron doors, wooden doors, etc., then if it is a wooden door, how should we configure the access control?

access control system

Usually, these doors can be installed with the access control system. You only need to select the corresponding accessories to carry out the installation steps. For the wooden doors, what kind of access control system can be used for more comfortable use? We all know that the composition of the access control system consists of the Access Control Board, the access control card reader, the exit switch and the access control lock. The most commonly used glass doors and wooden doors in the office, while the glass doors are transparent, the guests outside the door forget It can be seen at a glance, and the installed access control electric lock generally adopts an electric plug lock, so that the aesthetic effect can be achieved. The wooden door is more concealed, and the people outside the door can't see the situation at all. When all the users choose the door control system of the wooden door, the choices become more diverse.

By choosing the FCARD brand access control system, we can give users the choice by adopting various forms of wiring through the user's wooden door situation and the user's safety requirements and comfort requirements for the access control system. Different types of doors and access control systems are born for those who appreciate them. If you feel that something is not suitable, you can change it to another one at the right time.

For wooden door access systems, FCARD recommends the following:

1. Judging that the door to install the access control system belongs to that type, there is a single door divided into a left opening and a right opening, and a wooden door is a double door;

2, due to the reasons of architectural design and construction, in many cases the setting of the wooden door will be different, there may be some doors that are too high to install the electric mortise lock, some door width is not suitable for magnetic locks, etc., then we should On-site conditions to determine which type of access control lock is used;

3. The wiring of the access control system is considered in many aspects. From the perspective of wiring distance and management, in order to prevent the signal transmission delay due to the transmission distance being too far. In terms of aesthetics, wiring requires more wisdom from the designer;

4, the choice of wooden door access control system, from the user's perception of the brand, to what kind of access control equipment. This also reflects the user's choice of consumption.

Access control board

In short, the wooden door is equipped with an access control system. From the perspective of the user, it is necessary to configure a suitable list of access control systems to complete the installation task quickly.

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