Common problems and solutions in the installation and debugging of Access Control Board
2018-10-18 11:48

The quality and performance of the Access Control Board directly affects the stability of the access control system. The stability of the system directly affects the work and life order of the users of the access control system, and even affects the safety of life and property. Here are a few points to solve the problems encountered in the installation and debugging of the Access Control Board.

Access Control Board RS485 Nowhere

Why is RS485 networking not working?

1. The device serial number is duplicated or the serial number is set incorrectly. The serial number of each device registered in the computer software data cannot be repeated.

2. RS485 communication lines A and B are reversed and exchanged;

3, the "ground" line of the signal reference is not connected, often when the time is up, the time is not available, and the data is lost; the "ground" line can be connected;

4. The rate of communication is different at both ends, or the two ends of the verification mode are different.

5. The distance from the controller to the network extender exceeds the effective length (1200M);

6. Is the serial port of the computer normal, whether it is normally connected or occupied by other programs, and then retesting for these reasons;

7. In the software setting, the device address number or serial port number (COM1, COM2) does not correspond to the actual settings and connections.

Why does the manual door open button not respond?

1. Bad button contact;

2. The software does not set the button to open the door. If it is not the above two reasons, there is a problem with the Access Control Board. Please contact the designated service point or send it back to the factory for repair.

Access Control Board

When the card is close to the card reader, how does the Access Control Board's buzzer sound?

1. The connection between the card reader and the Access Control Board is incorrect.

2. The card reader and Access Control Board line exceed the effective length (100M);

3. The line is seriously disturbed, and the card reader data cannot be transmitted to the Access Control Board.

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