FC-9088 Fingerprint Access Control
Fingerprint access control adopts high-speed processor and reading speed is less than 0.6 seconds. It supports 2000 fingerprints, U disk data backup and can also be used as the WG26 fingerprint identifier.

FC-9088 Fingerprint Access Control With its classic European design style, standard Wiegand protocol, it can be used with any supporting Wiegand access controller in the market.

Product Introduction

Fingerprint Access Control

FC-9088 Fingerprint Access Control

FC-9088 Fingerprint Access Control is uses the latest algorithm, with its classic European design, standard Wiegand protocol,can be used with any Wiegand access controller in the market. It supports unlock by ID card and fingerprint; supports USB data backup and recovery functions etc, suitable for government, military, banks, offices, computer room and various security places.

FC-9088 fingerprint access control mainly manufacture for electric door locks and security systems,support 6 unlock way: Fingerprint、ID/Mifare card、exit button、password、card+password unlock、wireless remote controller. Large memory can support 1,000 fingerprints or 1,000 ID card、password data, use high speed processor, card's handle time less than 0.6S, super fast handle speed.

FC-9088 fingerprint access control have many models, support ID card、HID card、Mifare card etc, and it also support 1,000 data capacity(standard) or 21,000 data. Can used in large groups, offices, families, schools, dormitories, office buildings and other places.

Product Parameters

Operating Voltage:DC9-15V

Operating Current:<120mA

Working Temperature:-10 ℃ -75 ℃


Card Speed:<0.2s

Tamper Alarm: Support

Wireless Remote Control: Support

Reading Distance:0-88mm

Control Output: Dry node relay output, max current is 5A

User Capacity:1000/21000 group

External Wiegand: suppport one group wiegand

Remote Control: support 315MHZ wireless remote controller unlock

Issuing Device: Keyboard、admin card

Size: 142x82x24mm


Fingerprint Access Control Function:Fingerprint unlock, reading card unlock, password unlock, card + password unlock, wireless remote controller unlock,data backup, data recovery, multi doors data can be copied, anti detection unlock, issue serial number card, admin card to issue card, any card unlock + auto registration, open the door, anti break alarm, timeout prompt, external connect doorbell,external connect card reader, alarm linkage, door normally opened, self recovery admin password, multi - mode issue/delete card,card,door sensor alarm,it can used as a fingerprint card reader or access controller.

Fingerprint Access control

Structure Diagram:

Access Control Structure Diagram

Compatible with FCARD one card management system. Support: Access Control System, Offline Access Control System, Access Control & Time Attendance, Guard Tour, Canteen POS System, Water Controller, Elevator Access Control Board, Parking Lot System etc unified management,to realize one card management system with one card and one database.

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