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FC-8920H Two Doors Access Control Board
FC-8920H is a brand new high-end two doors access control board. It is mainly used in applications such as banks, communities, schools, troops, factories, and enterprises. The FC-8900 series support TCP/IP and RS485 networking mode, support WG26, 34, 66 input, support 2 groups of electric lock 7A dry node NC, NO relay output, support 4 types of alarm input and output, support 9 types of alarms, support 120,000 people, 300,000 recording capacity.

Two-way access control board are divided into multiple series, FC-8900 series access control products mainly include: FC-8610 professional time attendance access controller, FC-8910 one door access control board, FC-8920 two doors access control board, FC-8980 base station two doors access control board, FC-8940 four doors access control board, FC-8832 elevator access control board, etc., a total of 7 models.

Product Introduction

Two Doors Access Control Board

FC-8920H Two Doors Access Control Board

FC-8920H two doors access control board use network design mode, developed by super 32 bit core processor which combined with mass FLASH memory to realize LAN and WAN communication network, and supports super high speed data storage. Built in stable monitoring module, so that FC-8900 series products safety to operate, if abnormal, it will automatically record and transfer to management system, to make each system is more clear and more stable operation. FC-8940H built-in fire alarm and bandit alarm input and output, beside this it also can connect an alarm board to support fire alarm, bandit alarm , anti-theft alarm, gas alarm etc. Use multi-network structure design, FC-8900 series support many computer manage (such as one computer is mainly to monitoring data, one computer manage privilege data, one computer management record data...), FC-8900 series products all support voice output, can effectively guide the user to understand the current events in a particular status.

FC-8920H two doors access control board is one of the model in the FC-8900 series, FC-8900 series access control board mainly include: FC-8960 time attendance access controller, FC-8910 one door access control board, FC-8920 two doors access control board, FC-8980 base station two doors access control board, FC-8940 four doors access control board, FC-8832 elevator access control board etc, total are 7 models. The access control board is use RS485+TCP/IP two communication way which suffix is A, the access controller suffix is W means use microwave high frequency wireless communication mode. All of the above models, no matter which communication mode they all can be mixed together to network, manage and control by a software, achieve all in one card pass system.

System Function:

FC-8900 series support (Standard Function):Offline Operation, Reading Card Unlocking, Passwords Unlocking, Reading Card+Passwords Access, Period Reading Card+Passwords Unlocking, Manual Input Card Number + Passwords Unlocking, First Card Unlocking, Normal Card Unlocking, Remote Unlocking, Remote Locking, Unlocking at definite time, Priod Normally Open, Real Time Supervision, Abnormally Supervision, E-map, Duress Alarm, Fire Alarm Linkage, Robber Alarm, Illegal Break In Alarm, Illegal Card Alarm, Missing card Management, Black list Card Alarm, Door open time out Alarm/Prompt, Anti-passback And Anti-tail, Bulk Data Uploading, Small Group Data Uploading, Dual Door Interlocking, Multi-Door Interlocking, Multi-Card Unlocking, Keypad Programming, Emergency Locking, Time Attendence, 64 Groups Time zone, Holiday time zone and etc.

FC-8900 series support (Professional Function):Card Data Recovery, Logs Repair, Prodetection, swiping card and validation, Full Cards unlocking, Full Cards Unlocking+Auto Register, Program Mifa Card By Write Data In, Main Board Buzzer Swith, Clock Self-Adjust, Unlocking Based On Internal And External Validation, 3+1confirmation unlocking, Indoor Population Checking, 5 devices work together, Cross boards interlock, Cross Boards anti-passback, AB groups multi-card unlocking, telephone inform once trigger alrm, operation time dispaly, remote firmware upgrade and etc.

FC-8900 series support (New Function):Except the function above, we also add FC-8900 series with some new functions that other suppliers do not support:Abnormal detection of the card reader circuit and voice prompts, voice prompts and guide, system temperature detection, Power input stability dection, Trial period, online patrol management, voice prompts if the card close to expiration date, daily intelligent self correction of time error, Exit Swith available during valid time zone, remote phone taking when swiping card, Anti theft alarm host function, time interval setting of twice swiping card, Door magnetic alarm time management, encrypted communication data, swiping card times setting, capacity expension 2~4 times depends on customer demand, WEIGEND keyboard program card and etc. The FC-8900 series also adds WEB2.0 technology, which supports logging into the FC-8900 internal management system through an IP address, which can realize that IE can open the WEB system without installing software, and add or delete door opening access level. 5 computers are linked for management at the same time, regional multi-boards to prevent sneak back, regional multi-board interlocking, built-in BS management system, remote active connection back to the server, A+B group multi-card opening, flexible card expiration reminder in advance. FC-8900 series access control board is one of the advanced access control products at home and abroad.

FC-8900 series support (Site Access Control Function): support pedestrian gate management, can achieve two-way control, provide LED screen information output, LCD TV screen information output, support construction site information display, can support unified management of card reading, fingerprint, and face (one set of software unified management), supports multi-platform data upload.

All the above models can use FCARD3500T one card pass management system software. The system supports ACCESS and SQL databases, supports local connection communication, and remote Internet communication.

FC-8920H two doors access control board is mainly responsible for access control system control part, it is the most important part, it can store personnel card data, reading data, password data, various parameters, etc. With the card reader, power locks, power supply, push button to comprised access control system etc. FC-8910H can manage two doors and support two door access control. It mainly used in: enterprises, communities, schools, factories, and the FC-8900a series built in a function which mainly used for banks and prison, so it very suitable for bank vault and prison channel.

Product Parameters

Product Name: Two Doors Access Control Board

Working Voltage: DC12V (9V-14V)

Working Current: < 350mA

Temperature: -40℃ to 75℃

Humidity: 10-90%RH No frost

Door Control: 2

Card Readers: 4

Exit Switch: 2

Door Sensor Interface: 2

Fire Linkage: 1

Bandit Alarm: 1

Voice Speaker: 1

Alarm Extesion: 4 enter and 4 exit (fire alarm, bandit alarm, burglar alarm, Gas alarm)

Reading Protocol: Wiegand 26 \ Wiegand 34 \ Wiegand 66

Register Cards: 120,000 (Can be extended)

Record Capacity: 300,000 (Can be extended)

Communication Type: RS485 + TCP/IP(10/100M)

Communication Distance: RS485(1200m)TCP/IP(100m)

Wiegand: 100m (Suggest 80m)

Size: 150 * 105 * 20 mm

Color: Black

Interface Introduction:

Two Doors Access Control Board Interface Introduction

FC-8920H two doors access control board supports: 1 DC12V input, 2 lock relayoutput(Max 12V, dry node output), 1 fire alarm input, 1 fire alarm output, 1 bandit alarm input, 1 bandit alarm output, 2 exit button, 2 door sensor, 4 card reader(two are enter, two are exit), 2 RS485, 1 TCP/IP, 1 Alarm Board, 1 Voice Speaker Output.

Software Photos:

Two Doors Access Control Board Software Photos

Add User

The two-way access control board supports FCARD3500T one card pass management system, and realizes networking through RS485, local area network, wide area network and other mixed methods. The integrated FCARD3500T one card pass management system can realize the combined use of multiple systems to achieve: access control, time attendance, guard tour, elevator, conference sign-in, consumption, water control, card swiping for electricity, card reading and photo comparison, visitor and multi-party authentication, and other multi-system and multi-module collections together to achieve a complete one card pass management system.

FC-8900 series access control boards use FCARD3500 Ver6.40 or higher one card pass management system as the system software. The system software supports SQL and ACCESS databases, and supports WIN XP, WIN 2003, WIN7, WIN8, WIN10 and other system platforms.

Two Doors Access Control Board

FCARD3500A Ver6.40 version provides: OEM packaging tool, IC Password Edit password sector edit、encryption and decryption tools, device search and test tools, visitor management system, three part control system and ACCESS-SQL database conversion tool etc free tools. Through the SQL database, it can be combined with FCARD5000T POS system, FCARD6000 POS system, parking lot system, which can realize: access control, time attendance, guard tour, elevator, meeting attendance, consumption, water control, electric control, parking lot charge, vehicle guidance and integration, to achieve one card pass system, one database management.

Two Doors Access Control Board

Wiring Diagram:

Two Doors Access Control Board Wiring Diagram


Two Doors Access Control Board Accessories

Compatible with FCARD one card pass management system. Support: Access Control System, Offline Access Control System, Time Attendance Access Controller, Guard Tour, Consumption Machine, Water Controller, Elevator Access Control Board, Parking Lot System etc unified management,to realize one card pass management system with one card and one database.

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