We are meeting the problem of 0x7F when we connected with your access control controller
2018-01-02 11:36
Details of the problem:

We now want to connect your company's access controller to our software. We encountered 0x7F data with the same communication breakdown at the end of the communication. After having inquiry, we have learned that there is a transcoding . Please provide a detailed information about how to transcode it to us.Thank you!

Expert answer:

Hello, I am very glad to cooperate with you and thank you for using our products

About your company encountered in the process of secondary development of communication 0 x7f, 0 x7f is our to use as a marker of communication start and end, and if this content in your communication, we require to translation, avoid end when we treat.

Please refer to the following translation code when you write code to encounter this.

Turn to decode

Since 0x7E is used in the command as the beginning and end of the command, the byte of 7E cannot appear in the command content only in the command header and the command tail.

The translation is as follows:

0 x7f = 0 01 x7e

0 x7f 02 = 0 x7f

Decoding using place, for the first command before the command to send content test and calculation, and then check 0 x7E and 0 x7F data, found that 0 x7E or 0 x7F  convert the above formula, then after receiving the command,we should according to the above formula for data translation again check and inspection.

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