The main functions of the Access Control Board
2018-10-10 13:04

The Access Control Board is an important part of the access control system and the core of the access control system. We all know that the authentication and management center of an access control system needs the connection of the Access Control Board. It is like the backbone of the brain. Do you know its main function? Let's introduce it through a practical case below.

The Access Control Board is built to unlock a door or multiple access doors, but how safe this is, how well its recording and its controllability make a difference between the Access Control Boards, currently on the market, Can be divided into high-end Access Control Board, they are also divided into a single-door Access Control Board, two-door Access Control Board, can also control the four-door Access Control Board.

The main functions of the Access Control Board

1. It can set the access management authority of the personnel with up to tens of thousands of data, and can realize the switch status of the door managed by the monitor, and the entry and exit status, and can display the personnel information of the relevant card holder. (Personnel information is recorded in advance management)

2, with the management of the Access Control Board, you can easily report the lost card, all incoming and outgoing records can be queried and printed.

3, Access Control Board can conduct attendance statistics through access control records, especially in enterprises. Statistics and printing related attendance detailed reports, and can set the commute time, the number of punches and so on.

4, Access Control Board's intelligent function, you can self-fault detection, proofread the system clock.

5. The Access Control Board can be set up for remote management, which is convenient for the administrator to view and count the data of the door, prevent illegal entry, and improve the safety of production or life.

Access Control Board is the center of the access control system. It is also an essential access control device for smart communities and smart offices. It provides feasibility for intelligent management and services.

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