• Electric Bolt Lock
  • FCL-500 Electric Bolt Lock
  • Electric Bolt Lock
FCL-500 Single Magnetic Induction Type Electric Bolt Lock
Electric Bolt Lock adopts stainless steel lock tongue and DC12V working voltage. It has a delay function and is suitable for multiple occasions.

Electric bolt lock, this series is made of stainless steel material of the lock tongue, which make the largest electricity mortise lock can withstand 800 kg to 2000 kg clash and not damaged, use DC12V operating voltage, power consumption is 100 mA.

Product Introduction

Electric Bolt Lock

FCL-500 Electric Bolt Lock

Electric bolt lock is "FCARD ELECTRINIC" for the public security access control system with high quality electric locks, this kind od electric bolt lock is made of stainless steel material of the lock tongue, which make the largest electricity mortise lock can withstand 800 kg to 2000 kg clash and not damaged, use DC12V operating voltage, power consumption is 100 mA (starting moment 900 mA).

Electric bolt lock is compatible with access control,door phone,remote control system.Suitable for all types of wooden doors, glass doors, metal doors, metal doors, including framed doors,hollow framed doors and frameless doors.

Product Parameters

Working voltage: DC12V+10%

Electric Heating: : low temperature

Working Temperature: -10 to 55℃

Induction Distance: within 10mm 

Weight: 0.7KG

Safe Style: Power Off Unlocking

Humidity: 0-95%

Durable Design: Pass 500 thoudsand testing

Working Current: 950mA (Locked moment) 90mA (Normal)

Lock Tongue: stainless steel, bear 800KG pressure

Warranty: Anode lock series products, providing two years of quality assurance

Application: Wooden door,Glass door,Metal Door,Framed door,hollow frame door,frameless door

Product Size:

Electric Bolt Lock Product Size


1. Electric bolt lock adopts integral aluminum alloy die-casting shell, it is safe and simple.

2. working voltage 12V, starting current 950mA, working current 150mA.

3. Power on locked, power off unlocked.

4. Electric bolt lock can be used with card reader, fingerprint machine and building intercom.

Functional characteristics:

1. High safety, outside interference after locked, damage prevention, more stable, more durable.

2. Electric bolt lock uses stainless steel cover piece.

3. With delay function, you can set the door lock delay time: 0s, 3s, 6s.

4. Stainless steel lock tongue, more firm, using point control magnetic force to open, closed automatic locked.

Delay Adjust:

Electric Bolt Lock Delay Adjust

Wiring Diagram:

Electric Bolt Lock Wiring Diagram

Electric Lock Installation Diagram

Compatible with FCARD one card management system. Support: Access Control System, Offline Access Control System, Access Control & Time Attendance, Guard Tour,Canteen POS System, Water Controller, Elevator Access Control Board, Parking Lot System etc unified management,to realize one card management system with one card and one database.

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