FCARD3500T Upgrade Notification
2016-12-06 10:21

Our access control system management software has been published more than 7 years until Dec,1st,2016. It has 5 months from last upgrade and this upgrade is during to market service and customer feedback.

Upgrade Including:
1、Achieve (one card、one database、three software) to make SQL database and FCARD6000T consumption management database can use together. We will add the database of Car Park Management System in October,2017.
2、Add Mifare(IC)Card offline to issue card to FC-3500T software(FCL-988 Electronic Control Lock、FC-2882M Embedded access control board、FC-1882M Access Controller three device)
3、Upgrade with card reading part, a new million HD camera, more clearly.
4、Two new LED screen. Display all kinds of message.
5、Second-generation ID Card Reader, get the personal information and photos when issue card.
6、Add OEM software Editor, the following information can be managed through editor:
1)Model of FCARD3500T can be reset
2)Version of FCARD3500T can be reset
3)Name of FCARD3500T can be reset
4)Contact information of FCARD3500T can be reset
5)Software background of FCARD3500T can be reset
6)Mark of FCARD3500T can be reset
7)Product photo of FCARD3500T can be reset
8)Function to start-up of FCARD3500T can be reset
9)The system uses of FCARD3500T can be reset
10)ALL supported model can be reset(modify the original model to new model)
7、Repair the problem we found in software
8、Improve Elevator Access Control system function
9、Strength the attendance part.
The software upgrade will be maintain with one month, we will upload it into“Related Download”after testing.

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