What is access control best practices?
2018-12-18 09:37

The best practices of Access control should follow the following installation rules in order to make access control devices better serve people. So focusing on each stage, the access control system solution can be used. Its application is divided into three phases:

  • Planning Access control

  • Set up an Access control solution

  • Operational access control system

Planning access control

Planning Access control

This stage is the basis of the access control system, which determines the combination mode of the Access Control Board. (At present, the access control mode is based on the card recognition, face recognition, fingerprint recognition and other modes). This stage is the most important stage. First, you need to pay attention to the following two points:

1. Create user-based access: If you are a company's function, you need to effectively manage the company's people, and sometimes not everyone needs access to the area. Therefore, create a plan in which your employees will be clearly identified by the user and given appropriate authorization based on the type of work they are doing.

2. Create security management: When planning Access control, consider multiple access options. Manage at the right level so that you can revolve around a specific area with strict access requirements while using other areas to open to a wider range of users. Security linkages can also be established, such as cameras, sensors, alarm expansion boards, and ensuring that each security layer device is properly licensed.

Set up an access control solution

Set up an Access control solution

After careful planning, you will also need to set up the second phase of the access control system.

1. Apply small access Access control: It can clearly need to obtain access to the user. Access rights should not be open to the public for convenience, and administrators should closely monitor access control records to prevent malicious access due to technology.

2. Install software to achieve self-monitoring: the network access control system will be equipped with software or cloud platform. The administrator only needs to set up automatic monitoring, illegal personnel to access alarms and other functions, and does not rely on manual tracking to improve management efficiency and ensure access control access. Record real-time records.

Operational access control system

Operational access control system

To complete the best practices of the above two steps, you need to ensure that the access control system remains in operation for a long time and requires a trial operation of the access control system.

1. For Access Control test: Firstly, the card is opened for multiple times. If you use fingerprint or face recognition to access the door, you need to enter and test whether you can open the door.

2. Data security protection: If you use an integrated access control system, you can effectively solve enterprise security problems, but there are risks. You need to back up user access data in time. Administrators need to apply logical and physical access protection measures to protect all. data.

If you want best practices for Access control, you can refer to the above methods.

From FCARD News: http://www.pc15.net/index_en.html

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