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· Where are FCARD3500T one card pass management videos stored?2018-01-06

· Login to FCARD3500T one card pass management software shows "Cannot connect to the database, please check whether the data server is on!"2018-01-06

· What problems should be paid attention to on the circuit of the door switch? Thank you!2017-12-29

· The functions that MC-5800 series access controller doesn’t have2017-12-29

· MC-5812R transfer to TCP/IP communication2017-12-29

· Access controller's password modification2017-12-29

· Access control fault2017-12-29

· How to reset the FC-198E access controller?2017-12-29

· Does the FC-8800 wireless communication stable?2017-12-29

· How To Copy The Storage Date Of FC-918E2017-12-29

· What is The Difference Between FC-918E, FC-918H And FC-918HE2017-12-29

· FCL-918E Remote Control With A Short Distance2017-12-29

· The Electric Lock Can’t Pop Up2017-12-29

· How to Distinguish The Quality Of Access Control Reader?2017-12-29

· Rental Lock2017-12-29

· Why The Electric Lock Can’t Work?2017-12-29

· MK-098E Data Copy2017-12-29

· FC-198 Series Access Controller Use What Kind Of Storage Chip To Expand2017-12-29

· FC-198E Can Registered Self Serial Number Card? How Many Numbers We Can Registered?2017-12-29

· Network Cable Connect Electric Lock To Controller2017-12-29

· Does the FC-S02E can support extend the memory capacity (how many cards), and how many cards does the standard version support?2017-12-29

· Does the FC-S02E have anti copy card function?2017-12-29

· What's the difference between MC-5812R and MC-5812T?2017-12-29

· What’s the difference between ID and IC?2017-12-29

· How to realize the telephone alarm linkage of FC-8800 series access control board2017-12-29

· The difference and application between controller and access control board2017-12-29

· What's the difference between 58 series and 88 series access control board?2017-12-29

· Does the access control board can manage by many computers at the same time?2017-12-29

· Does the access control board can manage by mobile App?2017-12-29

· Selection of card reader2017-12-29

· How to achieve the functions of reading cards and taking photos?2017-12-29

· Abnormal situation of TCP/IP communications2017-12-29

· Access controller cannot unlock2017-12-29

· How long does the distance that the long range card reader can read?2017-12-29

· FC-2866M card reader's reading type2017-12-29

· Does the FC-1882M can connect with the wiegand card reader?2017-12-29

· Access control board Swipe card still locked?2017-12-29

· How to choose electric locks? 2017-12-29

· What's the format of FC-502M, does it need to be driven?2017-12-29

· Does the card writer can use universally?2017-12-29

· Does the RS485 passive communication converter need to install the driver?2017-12-29

· Does the RS485 passive communication converter have circuit connection wrong protection?2017-12-29

· RS485 passive communication converter, how many device can be connected with one total line2017-12-29

· How many device can be connected by one RS485 total line?2017-12-29

· What is the role of door sensor signal in access control?2017-12-29

· The usage of emergency unlock jey and break glass button, how to wiring?2017-12-29

· Why is it recommended to use low temperature lock on access high frequency situation?2017-12-29

· The strengths and weaknesses of ACCESSS database and SQL database2017-12-29

· What's the problems need to noted when install Electric RFID Lock?2017-12-29

· Difference between FCL-918M RFID lock and FCL-989M RFID lock2017-12-29

· Add remote controller of Electric RFID Lock?2017-12-29

· Does the RFID lock can control the cards validity date?2017-12-29

· Can achieve some cards open all doors when use many Electric RFID Lock2017-12-29

· Power requirements while install Electric RFID Lock2017-12-29

· How to add the remote controller of FCL-988M 2017-12-29

· One card one database and three platform2017-12-29

· Online Patrol2017-12-29

· FC-103 Swipe card still locked2017-12-29

· The method of how to judge the line abnormal or not2017-12-29

· How to solve the delay problem of photo taking2017-12-29

· Cloud platform statistics function2017-12-29

· What language does FCARD3500 Access control system software develop?2017-12-29

· Prompt doesn't have voice database after software opened2017-12-29

· How to connect to SQL server by the external network?2017-12-29

· Hello, we want to issue many cards, how should we operate?2017-12-29

· The card flashback function of access control board 2017-12-29

· Preview encryption before IC card initialization, can you unlock this internal protocol? Some guys say it's a dynamic password. 2017-12-29

· Admin card missed, just have the remote controller, but we don't know the password!2017-12-29

· How to identify FCARD product model?2017-12-07

· FC-9088E has been used normally for a period of time, press the fingerprint, the device prompts thank you, but does not open the door2017-12-04

· The central control face recognition access controller is connected to the access control board as a card reader, and no information is displayed on the software data monitor after ...2017-12-04

· The central control face recognition access controller and the access control board are installed on the turnstile, and the turnstile cannot be opened after swiping the face?2017-12-04

· The central control fingerprint access controller is used as a reader, sometimes the door can be opened normally, sometimes the fingerprint access controller passes, but the door ca...2017-12-04

· FC-1882M how to add open password2017-12-04

· FC-S02 The old wiring method will open the door after a tap2017-12-04

· FC-1882M access controller used for a period of time, the door will not lock2017-12-04

· FC-S02E has no response when swiping the card, the keychain card is used to swipe the card against the four corners of FC-S02E, is there a solution?2017-12-04

· Offline access controller, after inserting the card issuer in the computer and installing the driver, the FCARD3500T software writes the setting card and prompts that the card issue...2017-12-04

· How to install the access controller and bolt lock on the frameless glass door?2017-12-04

· I took a batch of FC-185M card readers, among them, there are multiple card readers that can read the card number sometimes, and sometimes cannot read the card number, what is the c...2017-12-04

· The FC-S02 access controller often fails to lock the door. What causes it?2017-12-01

· How to change the password of FC-S02?2017-12-01

· FCARD3500T access control one card pass management software, open the LED screen monitoring, when swiping the card, the data on the screen will not change2017-12-01

· When the customer debugs the LED screen according to the instructional video, the font can be displayed normally, but there is an area in the upper right corner of the screen that c...2017-12-01

· Two servers manage five high-end control board, FCARD3500T software opens the electronic map LCD monitor at the same time, the number of people entering or exiting the venue is swip...2017-12-01

· Two LED screens at the site’s access control, through the LED screen debugging software test, no problem, after setting the FCARD3500T access control software bulletin screen and ...2017-12-01

· LED display text strokes are not fully displayed2017-12-01

· MC-5824T card does not open the door, FCARD3500T data monitoring display card number keeps changing2017-11-30

· MC-58 control board, 2 computers online management, card issuing cannot be synchronized in FCARD3500T software2017-11-30

· Install a 4 doors green control board, one of the card readers, FCARD3500T software ZAI data monitoring prompts the card reader circuit abnormal2017-11-30

· When the MC-5848T is swiping a legal card, the card number of the same card is not true, and it will constantly change, it is useless to power off and restore factory settings, how ...2017-11-30

· When the MC-5816 elevator control board is installed and debugged, it is found that the elevator buttons can be controlled without swiping the card, where is the problem caused?2017-11-30

· A total of 3 MC-58 access control boards and a card reader are installed, the card data monitoring does not respond, and the other doors are fine2017-11-30

· The MC-58 series of access control board are equipped with electric bolt locks, and the power supply is insufficient, how to connect a power supply?2017-11-30

· How to connect the MC-58 series control board to the alarm extended board2017-11-30

· Pedestrian  Triple Turnstile, the swiping stick can be rotated when entering, but the swiping roller cannot be rotated when it comes out.2017-11-30

· How to wire and install pedestrian turnstile on site?2017-11-30

· The control board is directly connected with a notebook, and the FCARD3500T cannot search for the device2017-11-30

· The distance between the card reader and the control board is about 40 meters, the card reader has no Wiegand signal output, when it is connected to the control board reader termina...2017-11-30

· When installing and debugging MC-5812T, it was found that the electric bolt lock did not have 12V voltage during the test2017-11-30

· We use FCARD3500T visitor system, print the visitor list and find that the content is not printed completely, what is the reason?2017-11-30

· The old FCL-988M cannot be connected to RS485, the newly purchased FCL-988M can be connected to RS4852017-11-30

· How to set up your company's wireless remote control module?2017-11-30

· How to get the card number in FCL-988M smart electric door lock and put it in other circuit boards?2017-11-30

· How to replace the master card of FCL-988M2017-11-30

· FCL-918M electric door lock, after installing the remote control module, the remote control can unlock, but the card swipe does not respond, what is the problem?2017-11-30

· FCL-918E electric door lock to enter the management state, and the solution cannot be deleted according to the instruction2017-11-30

· FCL-988M voice card lock, twist the rotary switch on the lock cover, it will keep alarming2017-11-30

· The FCL-918 lock has been used normally for more than a month, and the bolt cannot be locked when the door is closed, and the door cannot be opened even by swiping the card.2017-11-30

· Consumption settings2017-11-30

· I add a person to open an account on the consumption machine software, and the software prompts that the card encryption fails, what is the solution?2017-11-30

· FCARD5000T consumption machine management software issued a card, the card issuing interface showed: Mifare card issuer is occupied, the card issuer is not detected?2017-11-30

· Installation software for database 20082017-11-30

· Which models of FCARD3500T access control one card pass management software can be connected to the central control2017-11-30

· I need menu2017-10-01

· The master card is gone, but there is a remote control, but I don’t know the password!2017-09-05

· The Mifare card is pre-encrypted when it is initialized, can this internal protocol encryption be unlocked? Some people say it is a dynamic password.2017-08-14

· The username is locked2017-07-12

· Card return function of the access control board2017-06-19

· Hello, what should we do if our community wants to issue cards in batches2017-06-02

· If the external network is connected to SQL server2017-03-23

· What to do if there is no voice library when the software is opened2017-03-22

· What language is your software developed in2017-03-10

· The function of counting people on the cloud platform2017-03-10

· How to solve the problem of taking pictures when card reading 2017-03-06

· Method to judge abnormal line2017-02-26

· FC-103M does not open the door when the card is switched on2017-02-26

· Questions about online guard tour2017-02-26

· Issues related to the three platforms of one card and one library2017-02-26

· FCL-988M card integrated lock to add remote control for door opening2017-02-26

· Reasons for data loss in electric door lock 2017-02-26

· How to solve the problem that the card reading is not sensitive when the electric door integrated lock is charging in the electric vehicle2017-02-26

· Power requirements when installing the card lock2017-02-26

· Is it possible to use multiple electric door integrated locks to realize that some cards can open all doors?2017-02-26

· Can the electric door integrated lock control the validity period of the card?2017-02-26

· The problem of adding a remote control to open the door with the electric door integrated card lock2017-02-26

· The bolt of the electric door lock keeps expanding and contracting, what is the situation?2017-02-26

· The difference and application of FCL-918M electric door lock and FCL-989M electric door lock2017-02-26

· The expansion of the electric door lock2017-02-26

· Mifare card integrated lock can sometimes read the card and sometimes cannot read the card2017-02-26

· Issues that need attention when installing a card lock2017-02-26

· Install access control database, the advantages and disadvantages of ACCESSS database and SQL database2017-02-26

· Why is it recommended to use low temperature lock for frequent access control2017-02-26

· Use and usage of emergency door key and broken glass switch2017-02-26

· What role does door sensor signal play on access control2017-02-26

· RS485 active communication converter, the total number of linkable devices on one bus2017-02-26

· RS485 passive communication converter, the total number of devices that can be connected2017-02-26

· Does the RS485 passive communication converter have reverse circuit protection?2017-02-26

· Does RS485 passive communication converter need to install driver?2017-02-26

· Is the card issuer universal?2017-02-26

· The format of Mifare card issuer 2017-02-26

· The phenomenon that the bolt of electric bolt lock is suddenly extended and locked2017-02-26

· The phenomenon that the door opens when the electromagnetic lock is powered on2017-02-26

· Applicability of various locks2017-02-26

· Card swiping but the door does not open 2017-02-24

· The problem that the card number is inconsistent when the card reader and the card issuer are the same2017-02-23

· Is FC-1882M Can use Wiegand Card Reader2017-02-23

· FCL-988M card integrated lock and related issues of the Ministry of Public Security2017-02-23

· Card reader type of FC-2866M2017-02-23

· How do I fix FCL-280KG on the glass door?2017-02-21

· Why does the FCL-918E electric door lock not read after a period of use?2017-02-21

· Does FCL-500 electric bolt lock support signal feedback function?2017-02-21

· Can FCL-989M be connected to a fire alarm?2017-02-21

· What is the interface of LOCK2 on the FCL-988M card lock master board?2017-02-20

· I want to unify the computer management when encountering the transformation of the old community, it is very troublesome to pull the wire, is there a suitable product to solve it?2017-02-20

· Which types of electric door locks of your company support building intercom linkage?2017-02-20

· Can MC-203E electric door lock to see the record of swiping the card?2017-02-20

· How to set the MC-203E electric door lock to open the door with the wireless remote control?2017-02-20

· How to set the anti-copy card function for MC-203E electric door lock?2017-02-20

· How to set the alarm prompt function for MC-203E electric door lock?2017-02-20

· How does MC-203E electric door lock to set the door open timeout prompt function?2017-02-20

· FCL-988M offline management card lock and related issues of the Ministry of Public Security2017-02-19

· The reason why FC-1882M offline access controller cannot read card2017-02-19

· The specific meaning and application of offline management2017-02-19

· The difference between the elevator controller FC-8832A and MC-5816A in application2017-02-19

· Elevator card reader can sometimes read the card and sometimes cannot read the card2017-02-19

· How many floors can the elevator controller manage2017-02-19

· Limitations of access control card readers2017-02-19

· Multiple computers manage access control device at the same time2017-02-19

· Does the controller support wireless remote control to open the door2017-02-19

· The situation when the access control board cannot be opened by reading the card2017-02-19

· Abnormal communication of TCP/IP2017-02-19

· How to realize the function of taking pictures when reading card 2017-02-19

· The choice of card reader2017-02-19

· Can the access control board be managed by mobile APP2017-02-16

· Can the controller be managed by multiple computers at the same time2017-02-16

· The difference between 58 series and 89 series access control board2017-02-16

· The difference and application of controller and access controller2017-02-16

· The difference between ID and Mifare2017-02-13

· How to edit Access Control Password2016-12-23

· The Question Of FC-2011E Access Control Machine2016-12-23

· The Fault Of Access Control2016-12-23

· How To Reverse MC-5812R To TCP/IP?2016-12-23

· MC-5812R Wiring Diagram2016-12-23

· MC-5800 Series Function And FC-8800 Series Function2016-12-23

· Access Control Switch2016-12-23

· FCL-918E/M Electric Lock Communication Problem2016-12-23

· We want to cooperate with your company and sell your product2016-12-23

· FCARD Electric Lock Add Electric Keys Problem2016-12-23

· What Is The Difference Between FC-103E, FC-103M And FC-103HE2016-12-23

· FC-898E Machine Can Not Open The Door With Swiping Card2016-12-23

· FC-198E Machine External Wiegand Card Reader Can't Open The Door With The Card, What Is The Problem?2016-12-23

· What Is the Difference Between FC-898E, FC-898H and FC-898HE2016-12-23

· How To Reset FC-198E Machine2016-12-23

· What Is The Distance Of Long-range Reader Card Reading2016-12-23

· The Stability Of Wireless Communication For FC-8800 Series2016-12-23

· Access Control Reader Reading Distance2016-12-23

· How To Operate Phone Alarm Link To Main Engine For FC-8800 Series Access Controller2016-12-23

· How To Operate Anti-thefts Link To Main Engine Actively For FC-8800 Series Access Controller2016-12-23

· What Is The Difference Between FC-918E, FC-918H And FC-918HE2016-12-23

· The Electric Lock Can’t Pop Up2016-12-23

· The Mortise Lock Can’t Work?2016-12-23

· Network Cable Connect Electric Lock To Controller2016-12-23

· The Lock Tongue Slip Slowly After Installed FC-198E Machine With Electricity2016-12-23

· What is the difference between 5812R and 5812T2016-12-07

· Does FC-S02E have an anti-copy card function?2016-12-07

· Does FC-S02E support the expansion of memory capacity (how many cards), and how many cards the standard version supports2016-12-07

· After FCL-918E is installed and energized, the bolt stretches slowly2016-11-09

· Is it possible to replace the electric lock wire with a network cable2016-11-09

· Can FC-198E be issued continuously from numbered cards?2016-11-09

· What type of memory chip is used for automatic expansion of FC-198 series access controller?2016-11-09

· Why does the electric bolt lock not work?2016-11-09

· Electric door lock for rental room2016-11-09

· Can the data of FC-098E be copied?2016-11-09

· How to distinguish the quality of the access control card reader?2016-11-09

· Why does the electric bolt lock not pop up?2016-11-09

· What is the difference between FCL-918E, FCL-918M and FCL-918HE?2016-11-09

· FCL-918 store data copy2016-11-09

· If FC-8800 series access control board realizes linkage with anti-theft alarm host2016-11-09

· How does FC-8800 series access control board realize telephone alarm linkage2016-11-09

· Access card reader reading distance2016-11-09

· Is the FC-8800's wireless communication stable?2016-11-09

· What is the usual reading distance of a long range card reader?2016-11-09

· How to reset the FC-198E access controller?2016-11-09

· What is the difference between FC-898E, FC-898M and FC-898HE?2016-11-09

· The Wiegand card reader connected to FC-198E access controller cannot open the door by swiping the card, what is the problem?2016-11-09

· FC-898E access controller cannot open the door by swiping the card?2016-11-09

· What is the difference between FC-103E, FC-103M and FC-103HE?2016-11-09

· FCARD electronic lock adds electronic key problem2016-11-09

· Seek cooperation2016-11-09

· The computer communication problem of FCL-918E/M electric door lock 2016-11-09

· Several functions that MC-5800 series access control board does not have2016-11-09

· MC-5812R system diagram2016-11-09

· MC-5812R to TCP/IP for communication2016-11-09

· Access control failure2016-11-09

· Inquiry about FC-2011E time attendance access controller2016-11-09

· Access control password modification2016-11-09

· FCL-918E wireless remote control distance is short
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