How does the access control system work? Five stages of access control methods
2018-09-30 09:13

The purpose of the access control system is set for security. In the work of the access control system, there are generally five stages of access control to ensure that only the licensed person can come in, rather than allowing anyone to enter and exit the facility. This is also the function of the access control system.

1. Authorization of the access control system

Authorization of the access control system

Authorization is the stage of turning a stranger into a member. The first step is to confirm the card issuer. In the multi-function access controller, we need to determine what people can and cannot do. This should include who can access which door and whether members of the organization can share access. The next step is to set up the access control controller network, authorize the card issuing by the administrator, assign a card to the required personnel, and determine the personnel information by entering the corresponding personnel and the corresponding ID card number. The FC-8940A four-door access controller can record the number of times the access channel is accessed by controlling the access rights, which is convenient for administrators to manage.

2. Certification of the access control system

The identification of the person is to transfer the data of the card reader to the access controller through the card reader. This stage is to verify whether the card reader is legal. If it is an illegal card, the door opening procedure will not be started, and the illegal card holder cannot Enter the channel to come.

3. the user has swipe access

the user has swipe access

The legitimate user authenticates by swiping. After the access controller is verified at this stage, in addition to opening the electric lock, the unlocked person's data is saved together with the information and uploaded to the database. Users only need to hold a legal card, they can pass the authorized door, which is equivalent to the electronic key.

4. Management of access control system

This phase helps administrators cope with multiple challenges. For example, in large companies, administrators need to manage attendance and access cards for employees. Including the addition of new users, on-the-job and resignation settings, in order to facilitate maintenance and timely resolution of problems, the 8940A access controller can use the management software to operate the user's card issuance and card deletion, and can also record the user's inbound and outbound information through the form of a report. Nowadays, with the rapid development of the Internet, the cloud system based on remote management can meet the administrator's remote management and configuration rights, which is convenient for managers to improve work efficiency. (FCARD's card cloud platform is looking forward to your participation)

5. Statistics of the access control system

Statistics of the access control system

This stage is more suitable for access control statistics of medical equipment, bank finance, and apartment hotels with technical authority. The company can perform periodic system assessments to ensure that all personnel information on the access control system is correct. In the hotel, you can analyze the abnormal behavior of the public security department by visiting the information of the hotel personnel, and display the interview behavior or historical basis for analysis.

How does the access control system work? The above five stages let you know. Today, as access control technology continues to evolve, more technology-ready readers and high-security electrical locks allow the access control system to function, making the access control system more secure.

[From FCARD, welcome to read: http://www.pc15.net/view_4338.html ]

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