When using the access controller of TCP/IP communication. What issues should be paid attention to?
2017-10-26 12:01
Details of the problem:

Hello, we are using the TCP/IP controller, because the number of access control board is more, I am doing a further design for Party A. Can you tell me what requirements do you have about the wiring of TCP/IP? Please specify, thank you.

Expert answer:

Hello, when using TCP/IP controller in wiring, you should pay attention to the following problems:

1.Separate wiring from the AC220V power cord, and do not put together, recommend to isolate 30CM above. Avoid interfering problems.

2.When the crystal head (wire plug) is made, please make it according to the standard of communication. If not, it can not be connected.

3.Please set the IP address, IP address and administrative computer should belong to the same network segment, and IP can not have conflict.

4.The length of CP/IP communication line should not exceed 100M.

5.It is recommended to use brand wire, do not use inferior wire material. It is easy to appear many line breaking problem to use inferior wire material.

If you have a TCP/IP access controller during debugging, you can refer to the following table if you have the following problem:

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