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FC-3200M Sperated Water Controller
FCARD produces sperated water controllers are in 3 models: flow-counting mode, counting-time mode and timing mode, which can meet customers with different needs. The split water controller supports 100,000 records and 26,000 blacklists or lost cards, and the record storage method of the device can be selected

FC-3200M ssperated water controller is an intelligent water control device designed by FCARD for energy saving and water control, it is mainly used in showers, boiling water rooms, dormitory public faucets and other water applications. The Mifare card is used as an electronic wallet payment method to deduct the amount in the card in real time, which facilitates the realization of electronic and intelligent settlement, improves user management efficiency, realizes accurate billing, and saves water.

Product Introduction

Split Water Controller

FC-3200M sperated water controller is an intelligent water control device designed by FCARD for energy saving and water control, it is mainly used in showers, boiling water rooms, dormitory public faucets and other water applications. The Mifare card is used as an electronic wallet payment method to deduct the amount in the card in real time, which facilitates the realization of electronic and intelligent settlement, improves user management efficiency, realizes accurate billing, and saves water.

The water controller device adopts the separate design of controller, flow meter and solenoid valve, which is convenient for users to choose suitable flow meter and solenoid valve according to their needs. Adopt massive storage, support 100,000 records and 26,000 blacklist or report lost cards, and realize super user data management. The LCD screen display is intuitive and easy to read, and there is a run/pause button.

FCARD produces split water controllers are in 3 models: flow-counting mode, counting-time mode and timing mode, which can meet customers with different needs.

Use Range:

Factory, school, hotel, gym, swimming pool, apartment, rental room and other public water card control water management system (shower and card swiping water control).

Product Parameters

Working Voltage: DC9V-14V( Standard DC12V)

Working Current: <200mA

Working Temperature: -5℃ to 45

Working Humidity: <95%

Card Reading Frequency: 13.56MHZ

Recording Capacity: 100,000

User Capacity: 26,000 blacklist or report card loss

Card Reader Type: Mifare card

Communication Way: RS485

Billing Method: Timing/counting flow/counting times

Billing Accuracy: The minimum billing amount is 0.01 yuan 

Rate Setting:Minimum billing flow 100ml, minimum billing time 1 second 

Button Function: Run/pause

Display Screen: LCD liquid crystal display

Appearance Size: 125x85x30mm


Split Water Controller

Wiring Diagram:

Split Water Controller

Note: Please pay attention to the A wire and B wire,don't connect wrong, otherwise the system will be cannot communication.

Product System Structure:

Split Water Controller

The four-core wire of the water controller, the gray wire is connected to RS485 A, the blue wire is connected to RS485 B, and then RS485 is plugged into the computer, and the water controller is managed through the consumer software in the computer. Connect the red and black wires to the positive and negative poles of the 12V DC power supply. The two-core wire and the three-core wire are respectively connected to the solenoid valve and the flow meter. After the wire is connected, plug the power adapter into 220V city power to supply power to the device.

Function introduction of split water controller:

1) The sperated type water controller adopts the separate design of valve, flow meter and control circuit, which allows users to choose more flexible. The shell is sealed with a lead seal, and the upper and lower shell joints adopt a double-layer design, which realizes a vandal-proof and fully waterproof design.

2) The large LCD screen displays the billing mode of water control, device working status, real-time time, the remaining amount in the card and the current consumption amount.

3) Adopt the dual method of card reading and key switch to control water, making the use more user-friendly.

4) Deduct money at the same time as water is discharged to prevent malicious water use.

5) With daily limit function and sub-limit function, limit the daily use amount and each use amount of the card.

6) A total of 64 consumption periods can be set, and each consumption period has 4 time periods that can be set to limit card usage access level and water usage time.

7) The validity period of the device and the validity period of the card can be set.

8) The record storage mode of the device can be selected: full storage alarm, full storage cycle.

9) Support blacklist and card loss report management, which is convenient for users to report the card loss and prevent card pickers from making illegal consumption.

10) Consumption details can be recorded, consumption reconciliation can be inquired, loss can be reported, card reissued, easy for fine management.


Split Water Controller

Installation and Illustration:

Split Water Controller

1) First install and fix the water control fixing part to the wall with fixing screws, then align the buckle groove of the water control to the buckle position on the fixing part, and finally fix the water control and the bottom of the fixing part with fixing screws, so that the control is fixed.

2) After fixing the water control, connect the water control line.

3) First determine the direction of water flow, and then connect the electric control water valve with the water control line.

4) Install the flowmeter, and then connect the line with the water control (if there is no flowmeter, this step is ignored).

5) Do a good job of waterproofing and moisture-proofing to avoid exposed and damp lines.

6) Power on after checking.

Split water controller connected with software database:

Split Water Controller

Search the device through the software and find the water controller information, select it and click install.


1) Plug the USB cable of the recharger to the computer (individual systems require driver installation)

2) Put the card into the slot of the top-up machine.

3) Open the consumption software in the computer to recharge the Mifare card (when the recharge is successful, the recharge machine will emit a "di" prompt and the software will prompt "recharge successful". When the recharge fails, the recharge machine emits a "dididi" prompt and the software prompts "recharge failed").

Pay by card:

Insert the recharged Mifare card into the card slot of the water controller, after the card is recognized, the water controller starts to deduct the fee and control the water discharge. The water controller is equipped with a "run button" and a "pause button", if you need to pause the water supply, press the "pause button" and the water control will stop deducting fees and stop water discharge.

Record Gathering:

Split Water Controller

When you need to collect water control records, you can use the computer consumption management software to operate (software: water control management-collect consumption records-collect records), the collected records will be automatically saved to the database, and then you can view and print reports at any time.

Other instructions:

When the water controller is powered on, there is a buzzer sound, and the display shows two lines of numbers: the first line is the effective days of the device (65535 represents long-term validity), and the second line is the number of new consumption records. Under different circumstances, the display of the water controller is different:

1) When the water controller is in the running state, the “running” on the display is always on. In this state, when there is card consumption, the “running” flashes. When the consumption is paused (press the pause button), "Stop" flashes.

2) When the device fails, the voltage is too high or too low, and the system records or the card reading record is full and alarms, the display screen only shows "stop" flashing, and the buzzer emits a rapid alarm sound, and the water controller stops working.

3) When the blacklist card is swiped, the display shows "stop" flashing, and the buzzer emits a "didi...didi" alarm sound.

4) When the card is swiped, the display shows "Stop" flashing.

5) When the card balance is insufficient, the screen will display "Card balance" and "Stop flashing".

6) When the card usage amount exceeds the daily limit and sub-limit, the display shows "consumption amount" and "stop" flashing.

7) When the card is not in the consumption period (including when the card expires), the display shows "real time" and "stop blinking".


1) When the water controller is connected to the water pipe, pay attention to the water inlet and outlet, the direction of the water pipe connection cannot be wrong, and the wrong connection will cause the system to fail to operate normally. (There is water flow direction on the solenoid valve)

2) The water controller adopts DC12V power supply, and it is forbidden to directly input AC220V (mains power).

3) The working voltage range of the water controller is DC9V-DC14.8V, if the voltage is too low or too high, the buzzer will alarm and the water controller will stop working.

4) For the installation of DC12V power supply, it is best to choose a place that is easy to fix and take waterproof and moisture-proof measures.

5) When the water controller communicates with the computer via RS485, please note that the gray wire of the water controller is connected to RS485 A and the blue wire is connected to RS485 B. If the line A and the line B are connected incorrectly, the entire system cannot communicate normally.

6) Before using the water controller, connect and communicate with the computer consumption software, and then search and install it in the software, so that the software can manage it, and the card issued by the software can be managed accordingly.

7) Before using consumption software, you need to install and create a database.

8) This water controller only supports card type Mifare card, other cards are not supported.

9) When there is a problem with card swiping, preliminary judgment can be made based on the situation of the water controller and other instructions.

10) The display adopts a tempered high-definition glass panel, which is not easy to scratch, but it should be prevented from direct impact by heavy objects during use.

Compatible with FCARD one card pass management system, support: unified management of access control, offline access control, time attendance access controller, guard tour, consumption machine, water controller, elevator access control board, parking lot system, etc., realizing a real one card pass system with one card and one library.

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