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FC-2080 Guard Tour
Guard Tour System uses advanced automatic identification technology. the most advantage of it is because on the precision electronic circuit design and easy operation etc.

FC-2080E intelligent Guard Tour System is data collector in guard tour system, the security guard takes it with, records the time of reaching every site, then data analysis and saved by computer used for guard tour attendance、performance review, attendance reports and etc

Product Introduction


FC-2080 Guard Tour

FC-2080E is a professional intelligent Guard Tour System designed by FCARD company in order to make the inspection and management more effective. It is a new brand product for scientizing and standardizing security guard work, provide effectively scientific management solution that integrated human guard and technology guard.

FC-2080E intelligent Guard Tour system is data collector in guard tour system, the security guard takes it with, records the time of reaching every site, then data analysis and saved by computer used for guard tour attendance、performance review, attendance reports and etc.

The advantage compared with similar products is precision electronic circuit design; simple operation; scientific and standardized management; professional LCD screen; build in headlamp.

Product Parameters

Working Voltage: -20℃-70℃

Operational Humidity: 5%-9%

User Capacity: 999

Card Capacity:100,000

Identification speed: <0.1s

Communication Way: USB

Charge Way: by USB

Battery: 3.6V battery

Size: 150mm x 45mm x24mm

Composition of the patrol system:

It mainly use guard tour system、USB communication cable.

charger、user button、check point and software etc.

Guard Tour System: The security guard take it on the body to read the checkpoint , then record the place、time and situation. inductive (RFID) and contact (IB) two reading modes.<

Check Point (information identifier): Patrol location code (Electronic tag), installed in the site or device need to patrolled.

Person Button: used to distinguish users, one to one (can not match if do not need to distinguish the users)

USB Communication Line: connect the device with the computer, use to collect the patrol records to software.

Software: administrator analyse the patrol data by the software, then can know all the working status of the patrol guard, through the data Analysis and statistics can supervise and examine the patrol guard. It divided into stand-alone version and large networking version.

Product Feature:

1. Adopt the RFID technology,

2. Sound and vibrate when reading card.

3. Professional LCD display.

4. Support 100,000 records super large memory.

5. USB cable for data exchange and charging.

6. LED flashlight.

7. Metal housing, waterproof, anti-vibration and anti-low temperature.

Appearance Introdution:

Guard Tour Appearance

System Structure:

Application Diagram:

1. Guard Tour Setting

Connect the guard tour system with computer by USB cable, then export the users information and parameters to device.

2. Select Card User

Method one: power on, then put the guard tour system to read the corresponding check point.

Method two: power on, press "query" button, search the corresponding user information, and press "Power Button" in 2s. Then, switch user success.

3. Guard Tour System Attendance

Power on, make the guard tour system close to the check point, it is success when you heard the warning tone and feel the vibration.

4. Download Record

Connect the guard tour system with computer by USB cable, download the guard tour system records to software, then you can query the records and export the report.


1.For the guard tour system that newly bought or three months not used, please charge it at least 8 hours, make sure that the power is sufficient.

2.Before the inspection work, please set the security guard’s staff number, make sure that the guard tour system records corresponding with staff.

3.When the guard tour system successfully identify the site, it will emit prompt of the sound and vibration, and the record data is automatic to saved.

4.After opening the guard tour system, when no operations in a period of time, the device will enter standby mode automatically.

5.In boot-up state, press the key “ flashlight”, the flashlight is on, press the key again, the flashlight is off, if not press, the flashlight also will be off after a period of time ( default: 5s, light on time 1-60s adjustable ), flashlight consumes power a lot, suggest adjust the light on time in proper span.

6.After opening the guard tour, press the key “ records query” to check records, press left and right to turn page.

7.After opening the guard tour, press the key “ staff number ” query, press left and right to view the staff number.

8.The mini end of the communication cable connect to guard tour system USB port, the other end connect to computer, without any other operations, the guard tour system can communicate with computer.

9.Most of computers do not need install the drive, but some may need. The drive is placed in guard tour system installation directory. ( the guard tour system drive installation method, please refer the computer’s )

10.Please use the packaged charger to charge the device, the charge effect is better. If use the computer USB port to charge, some computers’ USB current is too low, it will appear phenomenon of pretended charge, slow charge, and overcharge.

11.If the guard tour system does not have any personal information, after opening device, the staff number in monitor will blink.

12.During attendance, the distance of guard tour system to site button should be kept within 2cm, it can not identify the site button if too far.

13.When the memory space less than 10%, after opening, the records in monitor will blink. Please upload the data to computer.

14.Because the guard tour system has precise electronics component and circuit, please do not use guard tour to knock hard objects or immerse into water, it will lead damage to device.

15.The device adopt the RFID technology, when identify the site button, make sure there are no metal object in middle, or will affect the identification.

Please do not disassemble or modify the device without permission, avoid causing damage to device.

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