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  • Lift Access Control Board
MC-5816A 16 Floors Lift Access Control Board
MC-5816 Series of smart card elevator / locker access controller, also known as smart card elevator access control system. MC-5816 is a system product used for elevator hierarchical control, and elevator access control for personnel.

MC-5816A elevator access control board provides different floor access level for different personnel status, you can specify that someone can only go to awhich certain floors or all floors, and manage the user can reach a certain floor or not through the access level. MC-5816A can perform authorization management according to the schedule.

Product Introduction

Lift Access Control Board

MC-5816 Lift Access Control Board

MC-5816 Series of smart card elevator / locker access controller, also known as smart card elevator access control system. MC-5816 Is used to lift hierarchical control, personnel up and down the elevator access control systems products. MC-5816 series of smart card elevator access controller can be used to meet building service management company or management personnel access lift more efficient and safer management needs. The system set up by the addition of all the cardholder to enter the floor, carried out all floors access control.

MC-5816 elevator access control board provides different floor access level for different personnel status, you can specify that someone can only go to a certain floor, certain floors or all floors, and manage who can reach a certain floor through the access level, who can not reach a certain floor, and MC-5816 can perform authorization management according to the schedule. If you are not authorized by the elevator access control management system, you cannot enter the floors of the management area, and control the time period of important floors. The MC-5816 series elevator access control management system supports offline operation, and can independently store 26,000 groups of personnel data and 100,000 records, so that all personnel entry and exit records on the floor can be found.

MC-5816A single access controller supports 16 floors management, and can also be extended through expansion boards, it supports 1 expansion board, and finally can manage up to 32 floors, it supports RS485 and TCP/IP networing. Through RS485 stand-alone communication distance of 1200M, one bus supports 127 elevator access control board, each MC-5816 provides two standard card reader interfaces supporting Wiegand 26Bit Wiegand32Bit Wiegand40Bit card reader or fingerprint head as identification device, elevator access control all inputs / Outputs are equipped with dynamic voltage protection, all relay outputs are equipped with instantaneous over-voltage protection, and support fire alarm input linkage.

Product Parameters

WorkingTemperature:-10℃ to +65℃

Working Humidity: 10-90%

Offline Operation: Support

Extend: series connection with 1 group can achieve 32 floors control capacity

Card Capacity: 26,000

Data Capacity: 100,000

Networking Equipment: 127

Transfer method: Real time, non-real-time

Device Color: Black

Shell Material: Iron board with plastic spray material

Iron Box Size: Length 285mm, width 240mm, height 85mm

Board Size: Length 230mm, width 145mm, height 22mm

Working Voltage: DC10.8-14V  Standard DC 12V

Working Current: 500mA  > Not include card reader

Drive Current: < Each group 7A  > Relay dry contact ( NO, NC software adjustable)

Punch Period: Support                     >64 Hours

Validity Period: Support                    > One day - 100 years arbitrarily set

Networking: Rs485 and TCP/IP           >TCP/UIP is optional

Communication Distance: 1200m             >RS-485 networking

Transmission Frequency:19200 baud         >19200 8, 1, n

Data Keep: 10 years                   > The power off status can be stored for 10 years

Working Mode: Elevator access, lockers access management

Recognition Types: ID card, Mifare Card, Fingerprint, Card, Password

Identification information: Card, Card + Password, Password, double card identification, admin card + user card unlock.

Support Card Types: Second-generation identification card, residence permit, Mifare card, CPU card

Wiring Diagram:

Elevator Access Board Port description

Wiring Diagram:

Elevator Access Board Wiring Diagram


If it is used to control the elevator buttons, please set the "switch signal parameter" to the normally open mode (the system has defaulted this mode), if it is used for the control cabinet lock, please set the "switch signal parameter" to the normally closed mode.

Compatible with FCARD one card pass management system, support: Access Control System, Offline Access Control System, Time Attendance Access Controller, Guard Tour, Consumption Machine, Water Controller, Elevator Access Control Board, Parking Lot System etc unified management, to realize one card pass management system with one card and one database.

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