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FCL-989M Offline Voice Output Electric Door Lock
FC-989M offline voice output electrid door lock is a new generation of multi-functional anti-theft door lock products, which is developed by using the latest card reading recognition technology combined with high-tech access control systems.

The electric door lock has voice anti-theft function, supports Mifare card, second-generation Identification card, residence permit, encrypted CPU card, etc. as electronic keys, and can realize three management methods: network management, offline management, and infrared remote control management.

Product Introduction

Electric RFID Lock

FC-989M offline voice output electric door lock is a new generation of multi-functional anti-theft door lock products. It adopts new card reading recognition technology and is developed by combining high-tech access control systems. It supports Mifare cards, second-generation Identification cards, residence permits, The encryption CPU card, etc., as an electronic key, can realize three management methods: network management, offline management, and infrared remote control management. The built-in large memory supports 80,000 records and 20,000 black and white lists. The product adopts the offline card writing and issuing mode, and the number of personnel registrations is unlimited.

Note: If you use computer management, please refer to the "Electric Door Lock" part of the software manual for detailed software operations.

Product Parameters

Working Power Supply: DC12V/500MA

Reading Distance: 0-6cm

Working Temperature: ﹣0℃ to +65℃

Working Humidity: 20~95%

Reading Frequency: 13.56MHz

Networking: RS485

Users: 20,000 Black and white list (Quantity no limit when offline issue card)

Records: 80,000 ( 50,000 reading records, 10,000 event logs, 10,000 alarm records, 10,000 system records)

Size: 170*98*55mm


Electric Door Lock Appearance

Wiring Connection Diagram:

Electric Door Lock Wiring Connection Diagram

Electric RFID Lock Wiring Connection Diagram


1. Support 2 sets of card reader antennas (going out and getting started).

2. Support 1 set of voice speakers.

3. Support infrared programmer.

4. Support 1 set of exit switch.

5. Support 1 group of door sensor switch.

6. Support 1 group of doors and 2 control output.

7. Support 1 group of alarm output.

8. Support 1 set of fire alarm input.

9. Support 1 group of bandit alarm input.

10. Support 1 group of RS485 communication ports.

11. Support data initialization jumper.

12. Support a group of building intercom linkage interfaces.

13. Support 4-key remote control (A key to open the door, B key to arm, C key to disarm/unlock, D key to lock).


1. Login management status: Type "*" + "management password" + "#" Default management password: 1234.

2. Exit the management state: type "*" (in the management state, when you type "*", you will exit the management state. If it is under a certain lower-level operation instruction of the management state, you need to enter * * to exit the management state; in the management state the indicator light is shining, and the working indicator light becomes long on after exiting the management state.)

3. Listen to the equipment information: key in "MENU + #" (the electric lock will broadcast voice: device temperature, working voltage, time information, SN address, etc.)

4. The programmer opens the door remotely: In the non-management state, type "management password + #" (default management password: 1234)

Electric RFID Lock BoardElectric Door Lock

Wiring Diagram:

Electric Door Lock Wiring Diagram

Networking Structure:

Electric RFID Lock Networking Structure

Compatible with FCARD one card pass management system, support: unified management of access control, offline access control, time attendance access controller, guard tour, consumption machine, water controller, elevator access control board, parking lot system, etc., realizing a real one card pass system with one card and one library.

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