Favorable Price For New Item, 70% Off To The FC-180E Mini Access Control Reader
2016-12-22 10:06

FCARD has launched four MINI card readers, such as FC-180E model (ID card), FC-180M model (IC card), FC-180S model (IC card, ID card, NFC card), FC-180H model (HID card). When you use different card, you can choose the corresponding model. This series card reader can support DC12V operating voltage (the average operating current is less than 80MA) and Wiegand26, 34 format output (built-in 2 indicate lights with red and green, a buzzer).

In order to thank for our customers, this series of card readers can offer 70% discount for who have registered members on our website.

Special Offer:

1) FC-180E type: USD1.30 (original price: USD4.50)

2) FC-180M type: USD1.90 (original price: USD6.30)

3) FC-180S type: USD2.80 (original price: USD9.20)

4) FC-180H type: USD4.20 (original price: USD13.90)

This offer is only available to registered members of the Website from January 1, 2017 to Decenmber 31, 2017.

Each customers can purchase 100 units only, more than 100 unit should be pay for the original price

Here are other card readers for a reference:


FC-K7A -----------------FC-K7B------------------FC-K7C----------------FC- 3882

Access Control Reader

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