• Automatic Sliding Door Machine for Heavy Machine
Automatic Sliding Door Machine for Heavy Machine
Use human body human body induction auto door; connected with password, Mifare card etc access control device, be the smart access control system; connected with building intercom electric door; connected with fire alarm device, the door auto open/closed when have fire alarm; connected with burglar alarm, lock the door, can add remote control moudle.

Product Introduction

Automatic Sliding Door Machine

Auto vertical hinged door, in any common doors can be opened and closed automatically, widely use in office, hospital, business and industry occasions.

Product Parameters

Power Supply: 220V (+6% to -10%),50HZ

Power Consumed: 40W

Static Power: 5W

Recommend max door specification: door width: 1400mm

Door Weight: 100KG

Open/Close Speed: 250 - 450/Seconds(adjustable)

Slow speed: 40/s, in the learning phase and anti blocking status

Delay Time: 0-10 Second (adjustable)

Stay Open Time: 0-60 Seconds

Temperature: -150C to +450C

Size(Standard): 108×104×512mm


Automatic Sliding Door Machine


Wide range: suitable for office buildings, stores, banks, factories, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, laboratories, hospitals and other occasions, convenient for people walking and smooth delivery of goods.

Reliability: microcomputer controller technology can make inspection door situation (size, weight)set the operating parameters,so that the door and keep running well, have memory、correction function;high intelligence. Used with remote controller,can limit the person enter/exit. It can eliminate the security worries of no one locking the door.

Energy saving: careful design and manufacture ensure the flow unimpeded, at the same time, sound insulation、heat insulation and dust-proof make the buildings reduce energy consumption.

Beauty: Can adjust the door's shape、appearance and function.Can select wireless remote controller as the unlock way. If necessary, emergency power can be configured. Can realize the interlocking between the door.


Automatic Sliding Door Machine

Operation Method:

Using the human body sensors to constitute the human body.

Connected with password, IC card entrance guard equipment, become a truly intelligent entrance guard system.

Connect with landing-answer electronic-controlled door automatic doors.

Connected to the fire alarm equipment, automatic doors open or closed in case of fire occurred.

Connected to the theft alarm device, locking the door.

Can increase the remote control module.

Automatic Sliding Door Machine

Basic Configuration:

Enter human body induction sensor.

Exit the human body induction sensor.

The door close switch (optional).

Type out close to switch (optional).

Automatic sliding door machine.

Automatic Sliding Door Machine

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